Dancing Queen and Voulez Vous

We want you to have as much fun learning and doing these, as we had putting them together!

These audition pieces have some key steps and combinations that are likely to be used in the show. Remember to wear comfy clothing and shoes you can move in.

For dancers, you can show off with lots of high energy, elevation, extension, etc. and please let us know at the dance call if you have dance specialisations and/or acro.

For those who aren’t trained dancers (learnt to boogie in a disco - great!), the key is to dive in and present your best version of the routines. It is essential to have a blast and be pumped in your audition (and not look worried about steps), because we need to deliver a blast of a show!

In both of these audition pieces, while there are times when everyone will be doing the same moves, there are other times when everyone will break out solo or in a duo, then regroup. You can copy what we’ve done or do your own thing where that’s obvious, eg: pointing in the audience; free-wheeling at the end of Voulez-Vous; etc.

Dancing Queen is one of the 3 finale numbers as well as being in the body of the show!

Voulez-Vous is the big ‘party’ number. Jaime is demonstrating the girls’ moves and Leiz is doing the guys’ moves. This number will feature partner work too.


The Ensemble, Sophie, Sky, Ali, Lisa, Pepper and Eddie need to learn both routines which we may also workshop further in the dance call.

Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Sam, Bill and Harry need to  learn Dancing Queen really, really well. Note: you don’t need to jump at the start on ‘You can dance, you can jive’ (that’s for everyone else), you can just turn and point. Also, get familiar with Voulez Vous and if you’re not a trained dancer and it’s a bit daunting learning both - don’t worry as we’d still love to see your attempt at Voulez Vous or some of your fave moves from that audition piece. If all else fails, just channel the awesome ABBA videos - you CAN jive!

Thanks to Jaime Mollineaux-Herbert for assisting - even if I feel and look ancient next to you - it was so much fun! It’s exactly how I imagined doing this show would be and I can’t wait to get started with the cast!

Cheers, Leiz

TIP: Youtube has a cool feature in Settings where you can slow down the clip, which is fantastic for learning the choreography and practicing slowly until you are ready to go at full pace. Here’s a clip below on how to adjust the Playback Speed in case you’ve not used it before.